ARISES from an exciting idea of two enterprising friends, Pierpaolo Panarese e Graziano Pellé

TAKES FORM thanks to a magnificent vision shaped by Gianni Gavioli’s wise hands

TURNS INTO an unforgettable reality in everyone’s eyes.

“Few steps from Isola Restaurant, just few steps further… Here it is, an enchantment that comes from the sea, little but charming, tied to the mother island by a thin diaphragm, by a little stone-ring able to hold it softly but firmly, maybe worried about a stronger wave could take it away, a little clip that hooks it like a pendant, a jewel full of gems and precious stones, shiny by the light of both the sun and the moon.

Isola beach needs to be looked and lived with tenderness and sweetness, resting lazily in the blooming nature, under the shadows of palms and tamarisks, sensing everywhere the smells of rosemary and lavender, enjoying its comfortable treasures, its tasty fruits, and its salty waters, healthy and refreshing for your skin golden by the sun.

Isola beach is situated where is told the Mermeids have their abode, spreading everywhere their melodious songs, their charming sounds and mellow music, their affairs and spells on life and love. Is it true? Is it false? We do dare. And wish it was so.


Gianni Gavioli, architect


Totally immersed in the lagoon of Porto Cesareo,
part of the Marine Protected Area,
Island Beach is located on a small island connected to the town center through a small bridge.

Il Ristorante dell'Isola
In a place of imagination and design

Our idea of restaurant starts from the selection of products: we pay particular attention to their origin, freshness and quality. Tradition and innovation are finely balanced in our fish-based dishes. As well as sea-food, we also offer meat and vegetable dishes. Our wine list includes the regional varieties of our country.

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